Fostering Quality & Research in Surgery

At SURG UP, we believe that surgical quality is essential to millions of patients' lives and that research is one of its key components. This is why we commit ourselves to designing the most intuitive and efficient tools to make research and quality assessment accessible to every surgeon worldwide.

A Unique Surgical Research Platform

SURG UP Cloud Logo

Devoted to the development of surgical research, our company has created the SURG UP Platform, a unique platform connecting all research actors and providing them with highly intuitive and automated tools to help them perform studies and quality assessments.

A Tailored Application

SURG UP Studies is a versatile application dedicated to investigators (surgeons, research teams ...). Designed for their needs and connected to the platform, it centralizes all studies within a single tool (local, multicenter, SURG UP Forms), manages peers invitations, and automatically creates databases. Scalable and highly intuitive, it facilitates study forms creation, data completion, and provides automated statistics for realtime assessment.

Ready-to-use Study Forms

The SURG UP Forms are electronic study forms created on demand for promoters’ research projects (surgical associations, health authorities ...). Ready to import in SURG UP Studies application, they facilitate surgeons’ participation in promoters’ studies. Through this highly intuitive and dedicated application, the SURG UP Forms are easily and reliably completed, they implement surgeons’ databases, and all data anonymisation and transfers are fully automated.

Data Protection & Confidentiality

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Our company is strongly engaged in the protection of surgeons’, patients’ and promoters’ data. As a result, we do not collect nominative data and dully protect every databases access.

Local databases (linked to SURG UP Studies application) are fully encrypted and benefit from a secured access.
All identities (surgeons, centers, patients) are anonymised before being sent to the platform.
Data storage on the platform uses servers certified for health data hosting, and all data transfers between the application and the platform are entirely encrypted.